“I planned everything out for my daughter’s birth, down to what essential oil I’d want to smell while in labor. I knew this would most likely be my last birthing experience and I wanted to do everything I could to make it a positive experience. With my first, I had to clue how to prepare myself for what would end up being a traumatic event. But the second time around I decided to do it my way and not listen to anyone else unless it was medically necessary, of course. I’ve always wanted a home birth, it felt right to me. I knew a handful of people that had home births and one of them was Karyn. I had only met her a few times, but she had a quiet strength about her and she was easy to talk with. I found out that she was trying to become a birth photographer (I’m actually forgetting how I found out!), and I really wanted photos of this birth, so we met and talked about it. I was so excited that she could do it! And the fact that she has experience with home births, hers and friends, just really made me feel like I could trust her to see the moments and, click, capture it forever! During my labor I was in transition, in the birthing tub, and I was having a hard time coping. She found me. She got me to make eye contact with her while she spoke encouraging words. Exactly what I needed! She knew how to be unobtrusive, and yet be a strong female presence with me and my midwives. I will forever cherish my photos, they are beautiful! I’m very happy that we were lucky enough to have Karyn there (at 5am, all smiles). Thank you Karyn!”

-Shawna R.



“Karyn has captured two of my birth stories now. She is so perfect at catching those amazing moments while being unobtrusive and behind the scenes. The photos she took are so beautiful and special to me, and I still look at them often. These memories will be something my family and I will cherish for many years to come and I’m so happy I have them!”

-Raychel M.



“I feel fortunate that Karyn was able to capture memories of my son’s birth. She captured such powerful moments during labor, birth, and immediate postpartum. She has an amazing way of blending into the background while she works. I hardly knew she was there.”

-Julia M.



“My beautiful baby boy was in such capable hands during his first photo shoot. Karyn was so patient and kind with him when he refused to sleep during the session. I recommend Karyn for her timeless photography as well as her beautiful and calm personality. Thank you, Karyn!”

-Julia M.



“My first experience with birth was by far one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to me. I was so glad afterwards that Karyn had taken photographs of the water labor. The pictures came out beautiful. The images of my husband and I working together to bring our baby into this world are priceless. People who think that the pre-birth pictures are not as important you are wrong and so was I. I am forever grateful that we did capture my first birthing experience and will cherish those pictures for the rest of my life.”

-Vanessa G.



“Karyn has a great way with babies and a calmness when handling fussy babies. Our first shoot did not happen because baby was too fussy. She calmly told me she would reschedule for a better day no worries. When we had our photo shoot we were able to get so many great pics using different outfits and multiple areas. I love our first photos with our baby. I have Karyn’s photo of my husband and daughter saved on my husband’s contact. I see it every time he calls and think back to that special day with all those beautiful moments.”

-Vanessa G.



“Karyn is fabulous! The minute I called, she was on her way. She was one of the first people to arrive at my birth, and the last to leave, capturing every moment with finesse, despite being VERY pregnant herself. My photos are a beautiful keepsake that I will treasure for the rest of my life! They were delivered to me in a timely manner, I couldn’t be happier with my choice to have her be my birth photographer and would ask her back anytime. Thank you, Karyn for all your hard work and dedication to your clients and friends!”

-Janelle S.