Silas is Alive and Well! Adorable, too!

It’s now been seven months since Silas was born frank breech, and two things have come to my attention.

First: Because I waited a few months to release the images of his birth, many people think he was just born. They don’t realize he’s a happy, healthy, seven month old baby.

Second: His sweet mama and I have seen many comments on social media by people who wonder if he’s okay or even alive. Yes, he is indeed alive and he is way more than just okay. He’s doing wonderfully! There were no complications with his birth and for those wondering, his APGARs were 9 and 10. 🙂

Because of these two things, I grabbed Raychel and Silas the other day and pulled them into my studio for a little session. We thought maybe it could help ease fears and further educate people on the safety of vaginal breech birth with a trained, skilled attendant.

Without further ado…





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